Studio: Dogma

Tohjiro and Kazuhiko Matsumoto exchange a few words, not sure what is said. After that they sign some papers. Kurumi sits in the middle and rubs herself while a few men shoot cum onto her face. She has an interview with someone and then she kneels down and lots of men cum onto her face. She smiles and then rubs it all in. Outside a girl kneels down and collects cum in a glass. She sucks up some of it in her mouth and walks down to where Kurumi is walking and spits all the cum in her face. Then, men cum onto her legs and she scoops up all their cum with a spoon and swallows it. A bunch of men cum all over a piece of glass. The camera is aimed at it looking up while Kurumi licks up all the cum. Then more men cum all over her body and then she walks outside in public and talks to random people passing by. On the seventh scene, Kurumi eats a plain cracker with nasty cum all over. Her second one has fish eggs and semen on it. Once she's eaten she gets a large wine glass and has men fill it up with cum. Once it's nearly filled she drinks it all down! Amazing scene. Next is a regular sex scene ending with a cumshot to the mouth. This scene is by far the best of the movie. She holds up a large silver tray and dozens of men cum into her mouth. After each load, she will let it fall out onto the tray. Once the tray is completely covered with cum she slowly sucks it all up and swallows. She takes her down and often will spit some of it out and then suck it all up again.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 2:00:32
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