Genres: BDSM, Torture, Humiliation, Bondage, Spanking
Video language: English

the response to coercion typically contains "... at least three important elements:

debility, dependency, and dread."

CIA Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual 1983


She's laced and strapped into a straitjacket that fits her body without even a finger-width of slack. Institutional restraints buckled about her ankles bend her feet toward her back, her legs folded. A leather gag keeps her quiet. He orders her to get up. She can't. He pulls her onto her knees by the chain and metal collar locked to her neck.


After she practices sucking cock, he drops a burger on the floor and tells her to eat. He dangles a calf nursing bottle above her so she can suck water from the nipple. With her ankles locked up toward her shoulders, he fills her ass. A vibrator glides across her clit. He gives her pleasure.


He hangs her up in the air from the shoulders of the straitjacket. Her ankles are pulled straight to either side so that she affects the splits in midair. A cane whacks her ass and her inner thighs. She screeches and writhes. The vibrator touches her clit again, but this time it turns into agony. This time she doesn't come.

As she swings in the air, her pussy swings, swelled and rippled. . .flushed.

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