Genres: BDSM, Torture, Humiliation, Bondage, Spanking
Video language: English

Candi Summers, a sexy blond who's taking a little detour from the world of straight porn, models PD's newest Home Depot collection of homemade restraints hose clamps, pipe clamps, chain, padlocks, and a chastity belt made from wire cable and clear plastic. Her gag is a large hose clamp and clear plastic tubing. The bondage is harsh, applied and removed through the use of a portable drill. PD soon has her dancing on her toes. The pipe clamp screwed around her neck like a collar is chained upward. PD tosses her a pair of high heels and tells her to dance for him. She fingers her clit, protruding from a small hole that's been drilled in her chastity belt. Then a dress is thrown at her. She puts it on, painfully. He humiliates Candi by making her walk back and forth as though she's on a fashion runway. But every movement is a lesson in torment. You're a working girl, PD says sitting and holding a dildo at his crotch. Let's see you do some work. So Candi oh so slowly kneels and does a mouth job.

Now he's got her sitting in one of his devices with her legs raised and spread. Her arms disappear through holes in her backrest. It's time to train the straight porn girl. He starts with a pussy whip, flushing up her pussy and asshole. He teaches her not to flinch as he smacks her with a riding crop. Keep your eyes on me, PD tells her, but it's hard for her, the flogging and the whipping. PD even flogs her face. But now it gets harder. A vibrator makes her come, then suddenly come harder. She begs to be whipped to get the vibrator off her clit. Then begs to be fucked. He fingerfucks her G-spot, then slips in all his fingers up to his knuckles. A huge dildo slides inside of her. Candi, much to her own surprise, just keeps coming.

So after it's all said and done, it's no surprise that Candi's VERY interested in visiting Infernal Restraints again soon.

Format: real
Duration: 36:20
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