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Beverly is locked into the kind of position that gives Dee wonderful ideas. Her feet are exposed to anything Dee can come up with. Whether that means a gentle ticking or a painful caning is entirely up to her. The same goes for Beverlys wonderful tits. The beating gets Dees creativity really flowing. Dee locks Beverly into the floor, literally, with her head stuck under the boards. It allows for perfect access to Beverlys tightly puckered asshole. Dee takes advantage by cramming it full of inflatable cock and then proceeds to paddle it pink. When the dildo is pumped up to full size it has Bevs pussy ready for fun, too. Dee takes a vibe to her clit and even after a screaming and squirting orgasm isnt quite done tormenting her twat. Hooded and on a chain leash, theres still one more task for Beverly to complete. Dee has another bitch, this one in a straight jacket and hood, who needs to be prepped for his own torment. For that hes going to need a hard cock and Dee cant be bothered to do it herself. Instead, when she removes the hood, it will be Beverlys job to suck it until hes fully ready for his turn as Dees play thing.

Format: real
Duration: 31:21
Video: 852x488, RV40
Audio: 62kbps

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