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    26 Aug 2003

    [House of Taboo] Jasmine & Laura - Dr. Winker's Delight (135X)

    Jasmine & Laura - Dr. Winker's Delight

    A cute little blond named Karen is in to see Dr. Winker for a check up. The perky slender patient is greeted by a very friendly Doctor who is looking forward to practicing some intimate bedside manners with the shapely and alluring girl. The course of her exam begins with a change into a hospital gown, which the doctor quickly removes during her breast and back check. Next its a warm water washing which has both patient and Doctor giggling and cavorting as Dr. Winker gently soothes Karen's pussy with a touching caress. Clean as a whistle and ready for the speculum. Dr. Winker gently inserts it into the quivering girl's quim to take a very close look at her tasty pussy. The Doctor will leave no part of Karen's creamy body untouched as she careens at the site of Karen's nether hole. She gently inserts a well lubed thermometer enjoying the site and touch of the girl's silky smooth bottom globes. Karen is turned on by all the manipulations of her tender parts and openly accepts the Doctor's advances. At the Doctor's suggestion, Karen jumps at the chance to turn the tables and treat her physician to some of her own delightful medicine.

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