Studio: Izumu

You would respect Akira Yuki too if she was your teacher. Erase that. You will love to hate her. First of, she is tall, at 177 cm or 5 feet 9 inches. Her great frame – 91-63-97 – leans on the big side. She is not fat, just a big bone girl. No sooner have you met her than you are on the floor on your back with her setting her great ass on your face. Yea, you would like that, even if she is a bit on the heavy side. But relax. She has hasn’t began having fun yet. The fun begins when she starts to grind that ass against your face. It heats up when she reaches over to take your cock out and begins working it with her hands and lips. And then finally she will fuck the shit out of you. Lucky you when she brings your face over, draps her dress over your face and make you smell and taste her from inside that dress.

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