Cast: Anastasia Lux
Genres: Big Tits
Video language: English

Anastasia Lux is eager to make a night of it with Leny who's just walked in the door. She's been waiting for him and she's horny. Her big, fantastic boobs are bulging under her low-cut dress. Two bosom beacons that draw you in like magnets attracting metal. Leny's reclining in a chair and Anastasia makes her move on him, ready to unbuckle his belt. He stops her. No, he's not crazy. Leny tells her that he wants Anastasia to strip for him first. He wants to see Anastasia's voluptuously sexy body and her beautiful big tits. Anastasia laughs but she agrees. She lowers the spangly top, her tits encased in a red bra. She lowers the straps off her shoulders, unhooks and drops her brassiere to the floor. It's an "Oh, my god!" moment. Perfect boobs with pointy nipples. Heavy and full. Leny dives for them and sucks her nipples hard. Anastasia holds the back of his head and pulls him in tight. Anastasia hovers over him and jacks him while he's savoring the taste and scent of her miraculous mams. She lowers herself and wraps her tits around the hand that's stroking his cock. Spit drips from between her lips and lands on his cock for a natural lube.

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