Release Year: 2009
Cast: Wenona, Dee
Genres: Bondage, humilation
Video language: English

Ever wonder how friend Dee finds her “volunteers” to be her bitches? She doses them with her own special cocktail, just like she does Wenona. Once Dee’s got her out cold she gets to work fast on preparing her to play. By the time she comes to it’s way too late to fight back. She’s tied to a tree in the yard and the only thing left to do is suffer like a bitch. That means sucking it up when she gets her tits caned. It also means asking before she cums. Since she can’t be bothered to remember that simple rule friend Dee has to take her inside and remind her who owns her cunt now.
In the barn Dee proves it’s not always size that matters. A full sized cane across her breasts got a nice reaction from Wenona but the tiny little barbeque skewers have her screaming so loud the slut has to be gagged. Once she’s been shut up, Dee can work on even more sensitive areas of her body. Her pussy is perfect but once it gets wet the skewer just doesn’t get the same reaction so Dee decides to stuff it full of inflatable cock before switching to a flogger. Wenona’s ass it too nice to feel so neglected so Dee turns her over and works her back side, too. And this time when Dee pulls out the vibrator and takes it to Wenona’s clit she knows better than to cum before she’s made sure to ask Dee for her permission.

Format: real
Duration: 34:34
Video: 852x488, RV40
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 207.9 MB