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    JustTeenSite - Linda - Ariel - 95x

    OMG...What a heavenly beauty?!!! Isn't she?!!!

    Age: 19
    Hair Color: Brown
    Country: Ukraine
    Set Name: Ariel
    Date: 2007-02-12
    Photographer: John Baye

    ______________ INTERVIEW WITH LINDA __________________________

    Linda is a 19 year old snow bunny from Ukraine. Recently we chatted about her beautiful body and how she keeps it satisfied.

    Q: Hi Linda
    A: Hi!

    Q: Let’s talk about these hot photos.
    A: Ok.

    Q: Are you happy with the way they came out? Your body looks incredible.
    A: Thank you. Yes. I am happy with the pictures. I feel that they emphasize the best parts of me and also show my personality.

    Q: What do you think are the best parts of you?
    A: I do not want to say. I am shy to compliment myself.

    Q: Ok. I’ll do it. Your breasts are beautiful. Your nipples are so sweet and pink and are begging to be sucked, bitten, and rolled between fingers. Your hips are slim but there is still enough to grab on to.
    A: Now I feel even more shy.

    Q: You mentioned that the photos show your personality. If your best friend was talking about you, what 3 words would she use to describe you?
    A: generous, happy, hard-working

    Q: Why would she say you are hard working?
    A: Because I work as a concierge in a luxury hotel and people can be very demanding and have some strange requests.

    Q: Like what?
    A: People want special mattresses, or request that we get them DVD’s of movies that have not been released yet. One guy wanted a bowl full of M and M’s but only the brown ones so we had to pick through 40 bags. Just pain in the ass stuff.

    Q: Do you ever say no to anything?
    A: When people ask for drugs or prostitutes I send them to talk to the doormen. They always know how to get that stuff. But otherwise we try to do it all.

    Q: Do you have a boyfriend?
    A: I did but we broke up recently.

    Q: Sorry about that. Mind telling us why?
    A: He was pressuring me to go all the way and I got sick of it.

    Q: So you are a virgin?
    A: Yes. I like to make out and everything, but when it comes to actual sex I am trying to wait for marriage.

    Q: Has it been hard?
    A: Of course! I am just as horny as the next girl! But I want my first time to be special.

    Q: If you don’t mind me asking, if you don’t go all the way, how do you get sexual satisfaction?
    A: I can cum from someone going down on me, and sometimes from getting fingered.

    Q: Do you like to touch yourself as well?
    A: Sure. But then I like an audience!

    Q: I am sure we could find you one. Thanks for chatting with us today.
    A: You are welcome.

    Like Linda? Then, pls. check her out here!
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