Cast: Tiggle Bitties
Genres: Solo,BBW,Brunettes,Big tits.
Video language: English

This video is just an interview with Tig.

"My boobs are fun so why not celebrate them" says Tiggle Bitties. We couldn't agree more with Tiggle, a girl with a great sense of humor. A girl whose name rhymes with giggle and she does that often. A girl who says she motorboats her own boobs at home and she shows how she does it. Tiggle has the breadth and depth of boobage to do it easily.

Tiggle does the jiggle and the wiggle and the happy bounce very often, even when our cameraman wasn't snapping away. Tiggle weighs 155 pounds and says 20 pounds are pure boobs (the left is 10.5 and the right is 9.5). She was 13 when she began sprouting and really came to love them around 15. Tiggle buys 32MM bras mostly online but was able to find a bra shop in Portland, Oregon and met the kind bra lady who was able to help.

Tiggle naturally gets mucho attention but there's two different kinds of looks she gets. One she likes. The other she doesn't like. "I know my boobs are crazy-big. Looking is totally fine. Everybody should look, that's fine. But not gawking."

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