Release Year: 2012
Cast: Simony Diamond, Nesty, Angelica Heart and C. J.
Genres: Group, All Sex, Babe, Amateur, Blowjob, Slender, Shaved, Blonde, Brunette, Natural Tits
Video language: English

The guys finally made it to the bowling club and it meant that the relaxed target practice was over. Unlike most other gatherings of the players, this one had a really quick start – after as few as two rounds blonde sweetheart Nesty was already all naked except for her sexy little thongs and really horny since the petting treatments she received from Thomas and Simony were even more than just pleasant. The latter of these two experienced FG pros even got the chance to please the blondie with some fingering making her precious pussy open up to caressing like a blossoming flower glistening with dew opens up to the sun. Unfortunately for Nesty, Lady Luck didn’t stay on her side for the whole of the Game’s outset – having won in the quickie wet pussy challenge C.J. took over the initiative and got a really generous portion of exciting tasks for herself. First she had to caress herself in front of the rest of the players, which she did with disarming seductiveness earning an additional action card for herself in exchange for being erotic enough. That card got her sandwiched between Ricardo and Simony, both allowed to fondle the lucky girl wherever they pleased… That was a great warmup!

Pretty soon Nesty and C.J. stopped being the only ones who were almost naked – the action card that Simony got in return for her win told Thomas to take her skirt off allowing everyone to see her gorgeous swarthy bottom and long shapely legs in black fishnet stockings. Soon her success became even more vivid – she was offered to fondle Ricardo’s and Thomas’s bare units and tell which one of them was harder. In just a couple of seconds she was already all over them – fondling their love spears not only with her hands but also with her soft wet lips, which was a little breach of the rules – but a breach of the rules that neither of the guys minded. The next action card finally allowed Angelica to get her share of pleasure in Game 24 – even though it was simple “Watching Movie” stuff, she and Ricardo managed to make it much more arousing than usual. This sly ripped guy, still horny from the amazing blowjob he had just received from Simony, pulled Angelica’s dress down baring her nice-sized tits and enveloped her erect nips with his craving lips. Meanwhile, Thomas was already scrutinizing the moaning girl’s bare booty in close-up – and it should be said that that booty was not any worse than the tits Ricardo was taking care of. Still, what came next was even hotter – the supposedly romantic action ended up with Angelica getting gagged with Ricardo’s throbbing shaft!
Looks like the previous round marked the crucial point of Game 24 – action cards started getting much wilder, the girls went considerably looser… Everything was getting better and better with every second, especially for Ricardo, who got the chance to probe Simony’s and Angelica’s mouths with his dick. The girls were going down on him really well – and C.J., who was quietly savoring Thomas’s wang behind their backs was doing her best to match them

Soon Thomas finally got the chance to reveal his remarkable bowling skills – in the beginning of the Game he had been winning as much as the others but then… Then he simply started rocking the place like a pro! First he earned himself a blowjob from C.J. – that one was great though it still could hardly compare to the action with Nesty that followed it. The blondie was to lie down on her back with her head hanging low and let Thomas enjoy the warmness of her mouth. Mr. Stone really took the best of the situation then – he was literally fucking the blonde’s face almost making her choke on his boner! That oral sex marathon was followed by another victory of Thomas’s, which brought this lucky veteran his first token in Game 24 and made the rest of the players get rid of most of their clothing. Moreover, it gave him another 4 minutes of ultimate pleasure as each of the girls was told to blow his rod for a whole minute. All of them turned out to be really good at sucking – so it was no surprise that Angelica, who was the last one in the line, almost ended up with a mouthful of Thomas’s jizz. When Thomas was about to win for the fourth time in a row and his luck was already arousing the suspicion of the rest of the players (at least those of them who weren’t too busy pleasuring each other), Simony finally managed to snatch a victory from him earning the right to get the oral favor returned to her. Thomas gratefully kneeled down in front of her and slid his tongue in between her juicy pussy lips – and got so absorbed by the action that it took Angelica quite some yelling to stop him when the 2 minutes he had at his disposal were over

It looked like everyone was already kinda tired of Thomas’s endless victories, so even though he was scoring high, the other players were doing everything they could to score even higher. The first lucky one to take over him was C.J., who got rewarded for her great aiming skills with a nice tender pussy licking from Nesty. The petite winner was pouring sweet wine all over her smoothie and the blondie was licking it off greedily – down to the last drop. All that waiting with hardly any action almost made Angelica’s pussy come dry but, fortunately for her, she managed to get it wet again while judging the carpet munching competition between C.J. and Ricardo. The latter of these two muff divers turned out to be more skilled and… Well, that victory of his got him all naked and gave him a very important yet very arousing task – he was to stretch Simony’s ass for the first time that evening! He warmed her up with some licking and gently inserted the tip of the rubber toy he was holding in his hand into her backdoor. One more friction, another one and seven more to come… That dildo sliding in and out of the ravenhead’s chocolate flower was making her moan so loudly. It should be said that Simony’s pleasure streak didn’t finish right away after that anal penetration – she got a double portion of dicking for dessert, first from Thomas and then from Ricardo, who even pushed C.J. off his rod to give Simony the treatment that she deserved. The skinhead honey didn’t seem to regret it much though – when that meaty cock was snatched away from her, she switched her attention to Angelica and Nesty

Expected Ricardo to quit the Game after that premature explosion of his? No way – the finale was about to begin and this horny guy was surely not going to miss it! It looked like he didn’t even go limp but rushed back into the Game immediately eager to get the best of Simony’s snatch and Nesty’s mouth as the first final card drawn by Thomas, who was the winner of the Game, prescribed. Meanwhile, Thomas and C.J. were having a helluva good time enjoying Angelica together – the bootylicious beauty was squeezed between them with her pussy packed full of Thomas’s meat and C.J.’s smoothie being pushed right into her face. That was a real grind – but it was so pleasant! When the first five minutes of the finale were over, the players traded places as it was stated in the second final card. Ricardo got the chance to cool his red-hot rod in the tender mouths of Simony and Angelica while Thomas was told to test the tightness of Nesty’s slit giving C.J. the right to suck him off from time to time. The time seemed to fly by during this action – and it speeded up even more during the third one, which was the Love Circle! The only one left out of it was C.J. – she was enjoying herself right next to the moaning ring of other players. That group oral exercise lasted for more than 6 minutes in a row and no one was actually willing to stop it when the time was over.
The action card drawn out before the last one treated Thomas and Ricardo in a truly royal fashion. Mr. Winner was appointed the King and Ricardo – his faithful Valet. All the girls, in their turn, became servants ready to give head to the King and let the Valet stretch their holes from behind at the same time. The whole action was turning them all on so wildly – when Angelica was squeezed between the guys, the rest of the ladies even started pushing Ricardo’s butt with their feet urging the panting stallion to penetrate the ravenhead as deeply as he could. Well, that was an urging Ricardo would never fail to respond to...

Being so close to the end of the Game felt great – even more than just great, perhaps, but the players still decided not to extend the pleasant torture of waiting and gladly switched on to the come card. Thomas, Ricardo, Angelica and C.J. got settled on the floor forming a foursome Love Circle – it clearly cost them quite some effort to reach out for each other but they were still doing great. Thomas was licking C.J.’s purse so well that the girl even bit Ricardo’s cock slightly, which, nevertheless, didn’t stop him from unloading his balls into her mouth several seconds later. Yeah, that night Ricardo was shooting like a damn machine gun! Having satisfied Ricardo, hardworking cutie C.J. immediately leaned towards Thomas helping Angelica take care of his hard meat. Their double efforts were something the big guy could hardly stand for too long, so pretty soon he followed Ricardo shooting his steamy jizzum all over the place. But what about Nesty and Simony? Well, the come card was generous with these two honeys as well as it left them to pleasure each other with a couple of nice-sized dildos. Nesty was getting one stuffed into her little pink from behind and generously returning the pleasure to the brunette by plowing her chocolate flower gently yet very intensively. Their mutual affection and blameless toying skills even made them reach the peak of pleasure earlier than the others – at least earlier than Angelica who finished the chain of the players’ overwhelming orgasms sitting on top of Ricardo’s face and making the whole place ring with her moans. That was the end of the Game 24 – the Game that Thomas Stone later called one with the best list of players ever!

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