Release Year: 1986
Cast: Amber Lynn, Sheri St. Clair, Danielle, Barbara Dare, Porsche Lynn, Janette Littledove, Candi Evans, Blondi
Genres: Classic, Hardcore, Oral, Straight
Video language: English

From the very first time I ever saw this tape, it's been one of my top five favorite adult movies ever made. Now I know many things have changed since this one was made, but I hope it will stand the test of time. One thing that has changed is the absence of any pop culture reference points that were evident in 85 when this movie was made. Miami Vice was a TV phenom that effected the way television shows, music videos and even commercials were shot. Beyond the on MV style that this movie had, it also possessed a cast that couldn't be matched. Many of the starlets in this movie were at the top of the industry at the time. However, beyond the star power, nearly every one of them was a Rog top ten pick at the time.
From the opening credits, you can see that this is not your ordinary smut flick. Do keep in mind, Miami Spice was made at the beginning of the video age. Most vids were spit out nearly as quickly as they are today, so to see a well put together montage of stock footage complete with a more than passable original score is quite impressive. This Movie have been shot on film, I can't remember, but you get the idea. Amber Lynn and Sheri St. Clair are the lead cops in this drug drama. They set out to take down one of Miami's biggest drug dealers. The dialog is as on as the style in this X Rated version of the TV Action series. (Though thankfully, Amber has less facial hair than Don Johnson.)
The subject of their first surveillance is Danielle, an average looking blonde who was a throw away porn star on her best day. She is picked up by Randy West in a jewelry store and taken out for a nice dinner. (Kind of a risky move considering she is the girlfriend of the drug dealer.) As they share an outdoor meal, Danielle makes sure that he knows how much she loves to party. Even with the harsh things I said about Danielle just a few lines ago, I have to admit, this is one performance where her on screen sexual charisma overcomes her lack of good looks. Also of note, this is a very well shot night scene. Lighting is key to be sure. The picture quality is pretty good here, especially for a movie that is a decade and a half old. After a quick exchange of oral sex, Danielle gets up into Randy's lap and starts riding. She shows great hip action as she grinds him. Randy stands her up, bends the blonde over the table and fucks her until it's time to bust a nut right on her face. Even as a non-Danielle fan, this scene is well done.
The next day, Amber and Sheri show up to put a little pressure on Randy to get info from his new squeeze. Amber is in a very fashionable 80's jumpsuit while Sheri is sporting a short denim skirt. They sneak up on Randy, slips some cuffs over his cock and '' him to talk. As a trade off, he gets to fuck both of them. Hey, if you're going to turn snitch, you might as well fuck a couple of super hot looking cops along the way. Amber gets naked and spreads her legs on the diving board, offering him a very inviting pussy. Sheri slides into the pool to get at Randy's rod. One of the things that makes this scene so fantastic is the great underwater footage. Sheri and Amber take turns dipping under the surface to suck Randy's cock. If you like sex under water, this is the best such scene from the eighties. When Randy uses the board to hold his dick out of the water, the pair of sucking sluts give him a great blowjob. Those of you who have seen Amber's comeback and not been impressed should watch this scene to see just how good looking and hot she once was. The way she works over Randy's dick is classic and he rewards her by popping into her fist. Great scene.
Danielle makes a trip to see her boyfriend, Eric Edwards, on his boat. After they talk business for a bit, he wants to hear all about her date. Danielle strips down to a nice little white lingerie get up, starts rubbing her pussy and eventually has Eric come in for a taste. She returns the favor, using the tip of her tongue to work the head of his cock over before sliding her lips to the base. I have to admit that Danielle is impressing me more than she ever did back then. Once he's good and ready, Eric takes her on the couch and gives her a firm boning. Very nice shots with her legs up high over his shoulders. Not the very 80's heels that she leaves on as she jerks a load out onto her bush.
With the buy all set up, Randy gets a little relaxation time. Danielle gives him quite a present, Candi Evans and Jeanette Littledove. At one time, I considered these two women to the be the hottest looking chicks in porn so you can imagine how special this little three way was. They certainly look delicious here as they spread their legs for Randy to inspect the goods. Candi is so damn cute that no man could possibly look at that smile and not just sport wood instantly. He comes over, pokes them with his fingers a bit then takes advantage of Candi's exposed slit. Moving back and forth between women, Randy seems to enjoy both of them. Jeanette gets most of the action, with Candi pulling his cock out to jerk a load onto her soft buttcheeks. Yes, Candi is painfully underused here, but they still make a beautiful pair of trophy fucks.
Randy helps set up a meeting for Amber and Sheri on Eric's yacht. Danielle is there as well and is more than happy to share her man with the two sexy babes. She starts things off by giving Eric a very sexy dance, eventually working Amber into the mix. The two blondes share his cock while Sheri sits back and starts touching herself. Once again, Amber shows hall of fame cock sucking skills as she steals the thunder from Danielle. Sheri looks great on the couch and finally moves in, pushes Amber off Eric's cock and sends the blondes into a veggie fest. Sheri sucks her partner's cum off the drug dealer's prick before lying on her back and spreading her legs. It's a much too quick fuck, but she looks great and licks the cum from her fingers after Eric pops on her belly.
As the bust gets closer, the cops attend a big party that breaks out into a handful of spontaneous sex scenes. Porsche Lynn gets busy with a burly looking guy, showing off one of the best bodies in porn and one of the most skilled throats ever. Across the pool, Blondi is working on her one and only guy, Tony Montana. This babe was another too cute for words little fuck bunny. Neither scene lasts very long, but they make for nice eye candy.
After the bust, Amber wants some R and R with her captain, Robert Bullock and her new partner, Barbara Dare. (What happened to Sheri?) They double team their lucky boss, passing his prick between their beautiful faces. In Amber and Barbara we get two of the best bodies to ever grace the blue screen. Robert just lies back and lets Babs bounce on his cock as Amber licks her clit. Amber is nice enough to let him fuck her from start to finish, lending a helping hand when it's time to shoot jizz all over Barbara's tight tummy.
Many of the sex scenes are a bit too short for my taste, but most of the good things I remember about this movie still hold up now. I can't say the picture quality is as good as the best movies shot today, but for the quality of cameras used then, this one transfers nicely to DVD. There is a very thin story here, but it still fits in well with a movie that is supposed to be an X rated version of Miami Vice. Some of the acting is a bit overwrought, but you can't question that the eye candy value of the flick. With no anal sex and nearly no facial pop shots, Miami Spice is not a raincoater flick. Still, the underwater blowjob and Amber's cock hungry presence are worth watching. As is the Candi/Jeanette three way. Although it was not meant to be a couples flick, I think it works as one now. It also works for people who can appreciate a well put together smut flick. It may not hold up as one of my favorite jerk-off movies, but it's still one of the most well made X rated flicks I have ever seen.

Total size: 1.2 GB in 3 files.