Genre: Peeing
Duration: 1:35:30
Cast: Lotti, Lillu, Gabi, Melinda, Sophie & Tiffany

KTeam Enterprises returns with KBitches 2 and some more really nasty lesbian content from some really nice girls. Watch Melinda, Tiffany and Sophie, Lotti and Lillu, and Gabi take things to a new extreme. You will be amazed at some of the nasty things that these East European bitches get up to. Melinda proves herself to be an ass to mouth glamour model. Tiffany is the peeing blonde. Lotti and Lillu are the piss tasting toilet mouths, and vomit gagging Gabi is the fisted bitch. Action includes peeing girls, piss tasting, gagging, fisting, ass to mouth, and a little menstrual . This is the hardest, most extreme lesbian series available, so do not miss it! Cast: Melinda, Tiffany, Sophie, Lotti, Lillu, Gabi, Captain K

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