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    1,315,187 Cali Carter - Muscled Babes Do It Better - 1600px - 157X (17-05-2016)

    TheRealWorkout - Cali Carter - Muscled Babes Do It Better - 1600px - 157X

    Model: Cali Carter
    Set: Muscled Babes Do It Better
    Pictures: 157 hi-res pictures
    Resolution: 1600px
    Release Date: Tuesday May 17, 2016

    Cali shows up right on time for her intense beach workout session. Her trainer has just finished setting things up, now its time to burn some fat and build some muscle! She gets right to work shaking that ass and flexing those abs. Our trainer cant help but take notice to Calis tight physique and exceptional range of stamina. She stretches like a rubber band and does it with ease while her firm tits stay stacked throughout the entire workout. After the post workout stretch, Cali goes down low to touch her toes when she notices a raging chubby on her trainer. She immediately notices and says something. The trainer is quite embarrassed, but Cali doesnt mind at all. She actually really liked it and even invites him back to her hotel room. As soon as they walk in the trainer wastes no time and starts licking Calis sweaty cunt right away. This was so hot, and even hotter was Calis entire body getting an oil rub down. Watching those tits glisten in the light might cause seizures so be careful! She rides a dick just as intense as she works out, and prefers a squirt of cum over the typical electrolyte shot. Her trainer hooks it up good, then Cali can officially say that her workout for the day is complete. IF AT FIRST YOU DONT SUCCEED, FUCK YOUR TRAINER AND SUCK THE SEED!

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    Thanxxx alonsospeed !!!

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