I lead caroline into the garage by her Hair. I manhandle and smack her ass a few times before I neckrope her and tie it off overhead. caroline continues making her usual smart ass comments. After she's secured, I stuff several socks in her pie hole and then wrap her head with tape. I remove her skirt and then I rip and cut off her blouse. More rope is added to her arms. They are tied chicken wing style. caroline clearly is angered when I next cut her fancy bra off and then slap and grab her tits. I run a rope between her legs and the pull her forward, tightening her neckrope, and tying it off overhead. I grope and smack her ass more. I finally leave her in the garage to struggle and mmpph. When I finally return, I take some pics of her to share at the office. After I have enough, I clover clamp her nipples and tie then off to her heel. I sit back and enjoy watching her in agony. I eventually remove the clamps and then manhandle her tits and ass a bit more. I ungag her and it seems caroline's attitude is a bit better.

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