This clip starts where Part 1 ended... Summer's captor lowers the hoist and makes her take a seat. He walks away and as she sits. She is relieved that the tension is off her wrists, but they still hurt. He finally releases her arms from the hoist completely. She is relieved, but it will be short lived. He tells her that he will remove the ties from her wrists and that she is to immediately put them behind her back, which she wisely does. He starts ziptying her arms in the same way he did her legs, cinching everything with the smaller zipties. He adds a few more around the back of her neck going through the elbow ones. Her gag is not as effective by now because of all her sweat. He fixes that by wrapping vetwrap and more tape over the top. He then adds more zipties and Summer is soon chicken winged with the zipties. He tries to ziptie her tits but soon realizes that she's to sweaty and greasy. He adds ties above and below her tits and then squeezes them together with the smaller ties. He notices that the gag is loosening again from all the sweat, so he removes it and cleave gags her with an ace bandage. This gag will not be affected by her sweat, but he wraps tape over top just to be sure. This is where Part 2 ends.

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