This clip starts where Part 2 ended... Caroline plays with her tits and stretches before I take her harness off. She then strips once again. I have a new harness that I have never used before. Caroline looks a little stunned as I approach her with it. It is an intimidating piece of apparatus to say the least. I put it over her shoulders and start adjusting and tightening buckles. Believe it not, this harness was a lot easier to figure out than the simple one she just had on, lol. I'm a little disappointed I can't get a few of the straps tighter, but then I realize that this is a harness and isn't really designed to be bondage or skin tight. As wide and thick as it is I realize that Caroline wearing the arm binder with it might be a problem. Before it goes on, I have her do a high knee raise pont trot for a bit. I loosen up the laces as much as possible and I am able to get the arm binder on her. The head harness goes back on and this time a metal bit gag with tongue port is the gag of choice. I have Caroline turn in a circle so we can see her and the leather gear. At the end, I remove the bit gag and Caroline thinks it is upside down and sure enough it is. I didn't really pay attention, so that was another good thing that came out of the try on. The harness is removed and that's it.

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