I did a Pony Girl video a while ago with Caroline. She was the first to wear the new harness. Before we did the video we did a trial run of the outfits and the leather gear. It's a good thing we did, as I definitely had some problems getting all the various straps and buckles sorted out. We casually chit chat throughout the video. The clip starts with Caroline wearing a red blouse and some shiny black leggings. She strips and puts on a pair of equestrian riding pants. The light pink button up shirt is next. I buckle on a diamond pattern body harness next. I have never used this before, and it takes a while to get it buckled up. The riding boots are next and of course they will not zip up over her calf. I have run into this problem over and over. Equestrians must not have any calves at all. The arm binder is laced up and the straps tightened. I take a break from the gear and decide I want to slap Caroline's ass for a while before we continue.

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