This clip starts where Part 2 ended... I manhandle Illustrious for a short while before her elbows are tightly bound. I add more rope until cinching her bent arms to her body. I put her on her knees as I set a board on top of 2 concrete blocks. She is placed face down on the board and roped into a tight hogtie. Her crotchrope is pulled up in the process, making it even tighter. I remove her gag next. Another rope is pulled upward which tightens her crotchrope even more. She is having a hard time with this now as you can surely tell by her whimpers. I step away and enjoy her predicament and noises. I return with a leather hood which is tightly buckled on her head. Her heels are removed, and a rope is tied to a ring sewn into the hood. It is pulled back and tied off to her feet and toes. This is where Part 3 ends.

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