Briella walks into her Boss's office and demands a raise. She threatens him with her knowledge of how he has been skimming the club that they work for. They negotiate and he agrees. He offers her a juice and tells her to stay put while he runs to the office to type up a new contract. Later we see him carrying Briella over his shoulder. He plays with her for a while, before binding her wrists and then her ankles. Soon she is struggling all over the floor. Her Boss enjoys her struggles and all the different positions she ends up in while trying to loosen the ropes, but there is to much movement for his liking... and to much noise. A extra huge pair of panties are shoved in Briella's mouth and then taped in with brown electrical tape that matches her outfit perfectly! He then lets her struggle on the floor for a bit longer, before he ties a string around her neck and pulls her to her feet. He gropes her tits through her soft sweater and then smacks her ass with his hard hand. He then starts binding Briella a bit more thoroughly. After she is crotchroped and a band of ropes has been tied and cinched just under her ass, The Boss notices how extra nice her ass looks and he can't help himself from smacking it a few more times. He grabs her by her tits and turns her any direction he pleases. He then finishes what he started, and that was tying Briella's shapely legs nice and tight. When he's done, he unties her neckrope from above and sits her in a chair. Poor Briella is choking on some other girl's dirty panties, so The Boss removes her gag after Briella promises to be quiet. He quickly adds a string around her waist as he doesn't want her getting up and trying to hop away. This is where Part 1 ends.

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