This clip starts where Part 1 ended... A large sponge is immediately shoved in Crystal's mouth. It is taped in with clear tape. I get a little carried away and tape parts of her face as well. Her left leg has been free up until now. I rope her knee and then pull it up. It is tied up high on the post. To make her bondage a bit more secure. I tie her ankle off overhead and then I pull it in the opposite direction and tie it to a rung on the stool. I grab a wooden spoon and smack her thighs, tits and feet with it for just a bit. I tie her tits next. Soon after, I remove her gag. I question her again, but her mouth spews nothing but lies. I plug her mouth with a pump gag and inflate it. The bulb inside expands into her cheeks so there's no way she can spit it out. I want to make sure though, so I add some tape. I tie her hair up high on the post. I then add some clear tape around her face and the post, immobilizing her even more. I remove her left shoe and add a little toe/foot bondage. I then smack various parts of her body with the wooden spoon. Her crotchrope isn't quite tight enough in my opinion, so I tighten it. I walk away leaving Crystal to endure her tight bondage and gag. I finally return, but only to grope Crystal's bound tits. I tell her I'm leaving for a few hours to look for my car. I include some behind the scenes footage of Crystal being untied at the end of the clip.

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