Crystal is part of a car theft operation. I know because I have security camera footage of her stealing my car. By the time I track her down, My car is no where to be found. I grab her and bring her back to my shop. When the clip starts she is seated on a stool in front of a post. Her arms are tied behind her back around the post. She is also tied at the waist and gagged with a harness ball gag. She struggles and moans for a bit, before I come back. I start adding more rope. I tie her right ankle down and back. I then add more rope around her hips, further immobilizing her. I then wrap her head with vetwrap. After a few wraps around her head, i start wrapping it around the post as well. I continue adding ropes. Eventually I remove the vetwrap and the harness gag. I question her about my car, but I don't get the answers I'm looking for. I gag her this time with an Ace bandage. I pull it tight between her teeth and continue wrapping it around her head, making sure to keep it stretched as I do. Crystal really looks distressed while wearing this gag! I continue roping her up. I rip open her blouse as well and grope her bountiful tits. I grab a handful of her hair and again question her. She talks in circles like a politician. I grab her hair again and tie a rope into it. I then shove 2 pairs of large panties in her mouth and then tape them in tight with black tape. I continue adding ropes to her tan tight body. After a while I remove Crystal's panty gag. I question her again, but still I get no where. I run a rope between her legs and tie it off above, making sure it's nice and snug. Crystal whimpers as the rope splits her in two. As she endures the nylon invader, I cut off her bra, exposing her plump tits. I walk away. the clip ends shortly after.

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Duration: 24:34
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