This clip starts where Part 1 ended... Briella's Boss cuts away part of her sweater exposing her tits. He then gets out his camera nd starts taking pics of her to send to his client. They are nice and firm, but not very big. He decides to see if they can be bound. It takes a little finesse, but soon he has her tits bound and bulging. Briellayelps as the thin biting twine is wrapped around each tit and her nipples swell. Briella seems to have broken her promise to be quiet, so a large red ball gag is strapped tightly in her mouth. More rope is now added to Briella's tight body. Soon her elbows are welded together. Her arms have also been tied and cinched to her body as well. Briella has always been a bitch, and the only reason he kept her around is because she had several high paying customers who brought in a lot of money for the club. He enjoys watching her squirm and struggle on the floor. After a while, he decides that she needs to be readied for shipping. A hogtie should limit her movement and provide no chance of escape. After wrapping vetwrap over her ballgag, he does just that. Her head is pulled back by a rope tied into her hair as well. Poor Briella sure looks distressed! She tries to struggle, but the unforgiving ropes allow just a twitch here and there. After watching her hogtied for a while, he kneels over her. A few slaps on her bound tits get her going, but you can barely hear her yelps and moans through her gag. Her Boss gets up and walks away. He'll soon be back with a suitable shipping container.

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