Sidnay is always making bad decisions and another has led to her current predicament. She finds herself bound in a small abandoned workshop out in the middle of now where. The clip starts with a large shop rag being stuffed and taped in her mouth. Sidnay's wrists have already been tied behind her back and around a post. He then gropes and manhandles his captive any which way he pleases. Sidnay's eyes grow wider with each passing second as her situation sinks in. Her captor swiftly slices her colorful right off and then binds her perky tits with thin twine. Her eyes widen as she looks down and sees her swollen nipples and bound tits. He pulls a stool up to the post and makes Sidnay sit on it. He then uses many wraps of rope to secure her upper torso to the post. He pulls her legs up, removes her shoes and binds her feet together and then ties them up around her waist. Her legs are then tied together and cinched very tightly. Sidnay starts to scream and yelp as he slaps her bound tits. He clasps a hand over her gagged mouth and continues squeezing her tits. He adds more rope to her already tight bondage. He then ties another length of twine to her tit bondage and then pulls it tight up over her shoulders and then around the post. Then her bondage is made even more strict when he ties her legs down to rings bolted into the floor! Poor Sidnays eyes grow wide as the man picks up even more rope! This is where Part 1 ends.

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