This clip starts where Part 1 ended... It's not like she could get away anyway with her legs bound in the manner that they were, but the masked man still finds int necessary to tie her waist to the chair. He then removes her cleave gag, but quickly replaces it with a spider ring gag. Riley wonders what such a gag could be used for? The man wraps tape around head covering her nostrils. She is then hooded. He then unbuttons her blouse and pulls her tits out. After a bit, the man cuts a hole in her hood and tapes a spicket in. He then exhales the smoke from his filthy cigarette into the hood. The smoke slowly escapes from around her neck. She's already been belt whipped, bound and made to inhale the mans foul tasting smoke... what is next she wonders? More rope is what's next. The man opens a hole in her hood in front of her ring gagged mouth and starts binding her much more thoroughly. By the time he's done, her feet, elbows, and her forearms are completely tied and cinched. He removes her waist rope and puts her on the floor. This is where Part 2 ends.

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