This clip starts where Part 1 ended... I remove the rope tied around Pepper's neck and tie it into her long luscious hair instead. Pepper looks nervous and excited at the same time as her hair is pulled tight and I grope her tits. It's time for a new gag and Pepper gets a tight Ace bandage cleave gag. Black tape is tightly wrapped over the top. More tape is wrapped around her forehead and then down under her chin. Pepper is too sweaty though and the tape slips from under her chin. I cut that part off and start on her breast bondage asPepper endures her cruel gag. In reality Pepper loves being gagged, but I get the feeling she isn't to fond of this one. I know she's in agony as I tie her right tit, so after it's tied nice and tight, I remove her gag. She thanks me and then I bind her left tit in the same manner. Pepper has huge perfect, firm tits as it is, but they're even better when tied. I spend a little time slapping her bound purple orbs. I then stuff a huge sponge in her mouth and tape it in. She almost immediately starts gagging on it, so I remove it as well. I finally settle on a big wad of gauze and then tape it in with clear tape.

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