Terra stands with her wrists tied overhead and her legs spread. A ballgag completes the package. She sure does look pretty tied like this, but today is Terra's day to be ziptied. I start by groping and manhandling her for a while. I use her tit as a handle as I smack her pantyhose clad ass. I tighten a nylon strap around her waist, and then another between her legs. Before I untie her ankles from the spreader bar, I clamp her nipples right over her leotard. She yelps and moans as they are applied. I then start binding her legs with many zipties. I start at her upper thighs and work my way down. I cinch each on with a smaller ziptie. Before I snip off all of the excess ties, I go and tighten them all as much as possible. I step away and enjoy the view. At the end of the clip, I untie her wrists from above and sit Terra in a chair.

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