Release Year: 2016
Studio: Povhumiliation
Cast: Ashley Roberts
Genres: Brainwashing, Slave Orders/Commands, Small Penis Humiliation, Financial Domination

you - “omg! omg!!! there’s a new clip!!! oh yes, oh thank you goddesses!! oh quick, what’s my password again?? omg! where’s my credit card!! ugghhh!!”
us - "lol!!! what a pathetic, dickless, loser!"
how depressed did you get this time, loser?? did you start losing your mind? waiting, with bated breath, for povhumiliation’s latest installment of the most entrancing humiliation video clips anywhere!?! it’s been months and you still can’t stop checking! how pathetic! all you jackoffs keep emailing … “goddess, pleeeeeease!! when will there be another clip?? i can’t wait to buy the piggy priced clips! my little dick belongs to povhumiliation!! i just want to spend spend spend…” lol! ah, the life of a rejected loser. addicted to porn cuz no girl wants him! so pathetic!! and so much fun to laugh at!!! it doesn’t matter how long we wait between releases! you’ll always check, because our clips are the best, and your addiction is permanent!!! sucker!! so without further ado, here you have it, scumbag. a new goddess who’s going to totally flatten you into a dick-stroking paycheck! say goodbye to that tiny brain of yours, loser, (matches that tiny dick, huh?) cuz goddess ashley roberts is about to reprogram you into being her obedient little pussy-pay-pig!! a mindless loser who drools and pays her all his cash!! goddess ashley has so much experience brainwashing suckers like you. she likes bragging about all the idiots who bow down to her, submissives who she can’t stand to look at! “i have an army of you little faggots… addicted to stroking your little cocks to me!!” she looks right into your inferior eyes and commands you to become her next meek little peon. she carefully explains the role of insects like you in her life. she tells you what you’re going to repeat, when you download pictures of her with “other men!” she mocks you about all the girls you drooled over last summer! “did you fuck anyone? just your hand, right? lol!!” she makes you repeat her mesmerizing mantras, while your breathing gets heavier and the drool pools in your sexless mouth. the trance effects in this clip are powerful and mind-altering! be warned, jackoff!! goddess ashley is going to rewrite your deepest thoughts, and program you into being exactly what she wants! it’s what you deserve and get for being soooo weak and tiny, fist-fucker! “become my stupid masturbation junkie!! don't fight it, loser!” she demands that you moan for her like a pansy-assed sissy, as she instructs you how to masturbate while you thank her for taking your cash!! she’s gonna take over your pitiful soul, while you sit there in front of your computer screen, eagerly swallowing every cruel word that leaves her beautiful mouth. and oh yeah, by the end of this clip, you’ll have swallowed much more than your pride, loserboy!!! accept your role in this life, jerkoff, and bow down at goddess ashley’s feet, just like all the other little dick losers she owns!! lol!!!!!
warning: there are strobe-like effects used in this clip. if you are prone to photosentive epilepsy you should not watch this clip, loser!!

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 9:18
Video: 640x480, Windows Media Video 9, 2464kbps
Audio: 93kbps

File size: 175.5 MB