Genres: Foot Fetish, Wrinkled Soles, Toe Wiggling, Toe Pointing, Barefoot
Video language: English

Danica is a sneaky one. Having waited for her roommate Honey to fall asleep, Danica crawls into her room to fulfill a secret desire that she's been longing to do. Deep in slumber, Honey doesn't feet her socked feet being exposed from under her blanket. You can see the anticipation and nervous tension on Danica's face as the object of her desire is right there in front of her. Her heart almost certainly pounding Danica slowly presses her nose into the the sock-covered toes of Honey begins taking deep whiffs of her sleeping friend's feet. It's wonderful but not enough. Danica pushes her luck further as she removes Honey's sock. The warm bare foot of her friend Honey is mere inches from her face. The sweet odor drawing Danica in closer and closer as she buries her noes in Honey's sexy toes taking in deep whiffs of the sleeping beauties sexy, scent-laden bare feet. What about the other foot? Could her luck continue? She moves on to do the same on Honey's other foot. During a deep inhale Danica is jolted by a whispering voice, "What are you doing? Are you smelling her feet?" It's Ava. She snuck in behind Danica without her knowing. Danica is startled and unprepared to explain. Ava quickly calms her fears saying that she's not judging Danica and that she kind of likes it too. She asks Danica if she can play too and actually wants to smell Danica's feet!!! Danica can't believe it. Ava likes smelling feet too!!! Ava lays on the floor with Danica's feet on her face while she resumes smelling Honey's feet. What they don't realize is that Honey is awake!! She's lying still, smiling as she's realizing what's going on. Honey eventually starts to move around and the girls try to lay flat on the floor but they're busted! Honey inquires if they were smelling her feet and the girls know they really have no way out of this one.

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