Cast: Chloe Foster
Video language: English

A fan of Foot Job Addict, and most likely an addict of foot jobs, reached out to us and asked if we'd bring his fantasy to life. We enjoyed his idea so much, we were more than happy to fulfill his request. Picture it: You're taking a nap during the day, dreaming of countless sexy feet in pantyhose rubbing all over your body. The maid, the hot blonde bomb shell Chloe Foster, enters the room and sees you in such a vulnerable position. She basically can do whatever she wants to you. Instead of something vicious and dangerous, she slowly climbs onto the futon and rubs on your crotch, waking you up from your dream. Seems like it's been answered. She pulls down your pants, happy to see you so excited and stiff-cocked. She dangles her tall high heels off, smoothing her hands over her silky tight pantyhose. She doesn't want to jerk you off, or fuck you. She wants to wrap her nylon-ed feet around your hard-on, stroking it while she plays with her tight wet, and quite tasty, pussy. Chloe wants your cum on her feet instead of a tip. She loves to clean cum of her slender sexy feet caused by one of her masterful foot jobs. She sure is dedicated to her job. Too bad all maids don't really do such things. But, you never know.

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