In CFNM - Wild Beauty we have Roman Koroza, who is attending small birthday party. The party is for one girl, given to her by her best friend. Roman arrives and is quickly told to show off his body for the girls. He feels over his body and then the girls begin to strip him. He is soon showing off his hot chest and then they lower his jeans too. The girls have Roman kneel on the sofa so that they can inspect his ass. They decide to have some fun with him. Removing Roman's jeans they have him sit on the sofa and run their hands over his hot body. As one girl sits astride him the other slaps at his legs. They turn him over again and spank his ass, with one girl biting it too Roman is made to stand and the girls kneel and focus on his cock. They wank it and lick and the balls. His cock gets very hard from their ministrations, as they take turns wanking. With his cock so hard the put a condom on it and suck, then one girl pulls the condom off with her teeth. Blindfoling Roman and shackling him the girls then tease him with their whips. They start to whip him, which Roman takes well. The girls release Roman and put him on his knees again, this time shoving a butt plug into his ass. Then it is time to fuck his hot hole. The girls don their strap ons and one shoves hers deep into Roman's ass. Then the other girl takes a turn on that ass. Roman is moved onto his back and his hole gets plowed real good as his wanks his cock. He wanks himself faster and faster and shoots his cum right up his chest as the girl fucks his hole. What a great way to spend a birthday.

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