One of our wishes has come true. Alice Manson is back for another ride on our infamous machine. She couldn't stop thinking about it. Well, we couldn't stop thinking about her. She starts the session with her feet in our faces. This time she tears the pantyhose for us to get a better view of her smooth heels and wiggly toes. She bends over and tears the bottom of the nylons, begging for some baby oil. We douse her bubbly cute ass with all the oil she wants. She spreads it around. The glisten of her round bottom will get you close to cumming, if not drain every drop of cum in your sack. She's ready for the machine. She hops on the floor and exposes that amazing pussy we fell in love with. This time around, the rubber cock makes it's way in much easier. We're thinking she's been on a few machines since the last time. She props her legs up and ready for top speed pounding. She wants to cum a few times, so the deeper the better. We're not sure which session is better. Definitely watch both and let us know. We'll jerk off to either

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