Release Year: 2015
Cast: Emily Barnes, Mareen de Fries, Nina Antario, Susan Gates, Juana Santino, Jorge Reyna, Ralf Gabriel, Randy Manson
Genres: pissing, fisting, masturbation, lesbians, fetish, urin juice, golden shower, blowjobs, anal, all sex
Video language: Spanish

Teens piss and fuck up a storm in an auto service station. (Why a service station? I have no idea...) Dino directs a young-looking and very enthusiastic cast in this piss romp, and showed me a piss-fetish I'd never seen before. Hand-washing in streams of piss. Sure, I've seen people piss into every orifice, massage it into breasts and face, even juice it....but never have I seen folks wash their hands in it....

Beat from the long journey and with a fuming engibe Emily and Nina reach a car workshop. Actually they just wanted to get the problem fixed very quickly , but once they have seen the two mecanics Randy and Hank, they have no interest in leaving quickly anymore. Instead of working on the car the guys get to work on the dripping wet cunts and holes with their cocks...

Format: flv
Duration: 1:27:20
Video: 720x576, AVC (H.264)

File size: 831.4 MB