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Thread: Twistys - Cristal Quan - Gym Hardcore - 152x Download Images 

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    10 Jun 2004
    Giuseppe Meazza 

    Twistys - Cristal Quan - Gym Hardcore - 152x

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    23 Mar 2005
    Thanks Boss for supplying RiP with the full set. You just beat me to it as I just finished saving these two sets in whole myself. 8) Quite a thrill since the gym set I'd pieced together and had only 33/152 scans. The bath scene 43/130. These two sets to me feature some of the most classic anal and bj images ever. Talk about a facial!

    I did put this set up (incomplete) back in August '05, and with the overhaul it still is in the CS section. Perhaps a mod could see about that. Anyway, I do want to put up the information I included in that post on Feb. '06, the news that Cristal is no longer with us:

    Quote Originally Posted by dangerboy
    It's with some trepidation that I share the information I discovered over on the Scanlover board. Thanks to sgonenut for providing the info:

    The chick is mongolian, she appeared in several Evil Angel productions, Hustler and Red Light District movies, and she died in 2002. Acting name was Tolly Crystal, Toly Crystal and Black Tolly and a couple of others. Was a big star in Europe.

    "Tolly burst onto the U.S. porn scene in 2002 with memorable booty burning performances in Red Light District's Two in the Seat and Hustler's Anal Intensive #02. She had an unusual, exotic appearance and was very thin. Tragically, not long after she entered the adult industry, Tolly passed. The details are sketchy, but it is reported that she fell or jumped to her death from a high window or rooftop. As far as I know, Tolly was the only Asian girl of Mongolian ethnicity to appear in U.S. porn productions"

    Anyway, it kind of creeps me out because if this is true, (anyone else who could corroborate this story would be appreciated) it means "Cristal" as I knew her, was long gone before I even purchased my first computer! :'(

    It is indeed sad, if true, but not all that uncommon in the porn industry. It would be nice to at least make all content available here at RiP.

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