Release Year: 2015
Cast: Kinsley Eden
Genres: Solo, Dildo, Toys, Masturbation, Double Penetration, Veggie & Fruit Stuffing

Well this will be hard to write im not very good at writing essays so excuse me if this is bad ha. so one thing about me is that i am a twin who is 12 minutes older then me! Unfortunatley to a boy but yes i also have 2 other older brothers and in there eyes i am nothing but a sweet innocent angel.. I find it pretty funny i like living a seceret life behind closed doors or out in public like today haha. Other then this i would consider myself innocent i love to do normal every day things like for instance i love to go surfing! im not very good at it but im still trying and thats all that matters, i love to go running, i love anything to do with fitness, i absolutely love animals! i own 6 pets, 3 dogs, 2 cats, 1 hamster and they are all my babies. Other things about me is i love spending time with friends even tho i value my alone time i still love to have company. Im normally very shy but i try my hardest to be open minded.. Id say i succeed a little bit at least. im not currently in school but i hope some day to go to either the art institute because a talent of mine is being an artist i draw alot and have actually sold a few of my drawings, i want to get into tattooing but i am very impatient when it comes to apprenticeships. If i dont go to the art institue then i would like to go to UCSC if you dont know what that stands for it means University of California Santa Cruz, it is the most beautiful school ive ever seen and i love it there but i dont know what id want to study so that is why i have not gone. Better to pace my self then to rush into something pointless. Im already running out of things to talk about! i feel like im just babbling now haha i guess ill talk more about my hobbies? so other then what i have already said i enjoy swimming especially at the beach, i enjoy photography of nature scenes but i dont own a professional camera i just use my Iphone, im very afraid of heights but only when im in a car because i do not trust most drivers ha seen to many movies of people going off cliffs, i am absolutely terrified of spiders. So about todays shoot i loved it alot haha i had great laughs and a great experience i liked how i had the option to style my own hair haha.

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