Year: 1977
Country: Canada
Genre: sexploitation, horror, erotica, thrash
Length: 1:31:43
Language: Russian
Director: Jean LaFleur
Studio: New World Pictures
Starring: Dyanne Thorne in the role: Ilsa; Michel-Reny Labelle; Gilbert Beaumont; Jean-Guy Latour as: Gregory; Ray Landry; Terry Haig; Jacques Morin; Henry Gamer, Jorma Lindqvist, Gil Viviano, Anne Marie Guenette, Nicole Fortin, Bertha Pierre, Carole Pyloquin, Carol Down
Description: Siberia. 1953. In Stalin's Gulag camp 14 (for political prisoners) hosts a cruel woman named Ilsa. Inmates for escape, and there are different faults mercilessly punished: give to be devoured by tigers, drowned in the icy water and the like. Its task is to brainwash all who disagree with the communist regime. But one prisoner, Yakurin, is a tough nut and can not be processed Ilse. Warden does not give up, promising to eventually break his determination. But now comes news of the of Stalin, and the camp hastily liquidated along with its inmates. Ilsa and the guards all prisoners. Ilsa, for fear of persecution are sent for permanent residence in the Canadian city of Montreal along with his loyal employees, palachami.No Yakurinu manage to stay alive. In 1977 Yakurin as coach of the Soviet boxing team arrives in Montreal. Once he lets his athletes to go to a brothel to To my surprise, there Yakurin meets Ilse as mistress of the brothel, which she contains in it the same, and lives, and her ex-wardens as prostitutes. Ilse says Yakurina and wants to use their chance to fulfill the promise made in the camp. But Yakurin and bursting with a thirst for revenge for all the Ilse humiliation endured in the gulag ... Ilsa continues his diabolical experiments ...
The final fourth film in the series about the pernicious Ilse. And certainly not the worst. Firstly, it concerns our country, but because they can watch with redoubled interest. Second, there is enough violence varied. But in the third, full of eroticism and sex. This picture impresses with its diversity in a series of paintings on edge already unlawfully lined from "The Woman in jail."

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