Studio: Welcomed Consensus
Cast: Trainer and Students
Genres: Sexual tutorial, sexual guide, orgasm, masturbation
Video language: English

The Technique of Peaking and Extended female Orgasm.
"Deliberate Orgasm - The Technique of Peaking and Extended Orgasm" was first released in 2000 and remastered for DVD in 2006.
It is the complement to "Deliberate Orgasm - Expanded female orgasm"
These two video present the fundamental and essential elements of the DOing technique.
Both were inspired by one of the most popular courses we teach, Observatin of the Intense Coming (OIC), which demonstrates a woman in orgasm for an hour.
For optimum demonstration porpuses, this video was filming in a clinical setting. To preserve the continuity of the orgasm shown, it was recorded in one take.
The statements made in this video are the result of years of social and sensual research with the goal of living a plesurable life.
Many of our viwpoints may be different from the mainstream of the those offered by " Culture".
We are not asking you to change or eliminate the viewpoints that you hold now, just consider adding on additional ones.
What you are going to see in this tape is a woman in a hightened state of orgasm produced by manual stimulation of her clitoris.
Everything you will see here is reliable, repeteable and recordable.
This video is made for people who have as their goal a superior sex life.

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