Studio: Sexuallybroken

Welcome Cassandra Nix back to Sexually Broken. This adorable 19yr is from the Midwest. Country raised and corn fed; Cassandra loves being a helpless fuck slut. This was our Meet & Greet with Cassandra. All the bondage is done on screen. Here at Sexually Broken, we dont
do over complicated bondage that the model obviously had to help the rigger tie. This is raw, creative BDSM
made up in front of your eyes, with bondage you can do at home. No extra ropes added for technical reasons,
only the rope you need. Cassandra looks so innocent and cute in her sexy skirt, top and panties. We quickly and tightly bind her elbows
behind her. With that simple tight rope she is completely helpless. We then bind the wrists and add a neck rope.
The neck rope is our creation, now being copied all over lesser bondage sites. Sometime you just wish people
could come up with their own style instead of copying, but that is why you come to us: for the source of
creative bondage and sex. We bring Cassandra to her knees. Her eyes look up at us. She knows she is helpless, and knows she wants to
please. As the cock slides into her mouth and down the back of her throat she lets out a little moan of
pleasure. Every hole she has, is leaking liquid. Her pussy is wet and dripping. Her mouth has huge gobs of
deep spit falling out of it. Tears run down her cheek from the severity of the face fucking. We own her. We bend her over and use her tears as lube. She cums hard and quickly, overwhelmed by the helplessness of
the situation as the cock pounds her leaking pussy. After we have fully used and abused our sex craved
Midwestern girl, we finish the bondage, and leave her suffering up on her knees with a crotch rope balancing
her from her elbows. She will stay there until we feel the need to use her mouth again..

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