Studio: lordsofporn
Cast: Pink Berri Kerri
Genres: oral, nicetits, nice tits, fucking, fantasy, busty, booty, blowjob, black dick, black booty, black, big tits, big cock, big booty, bald pussy

This horny little hoe was aching for some cock when we found her! She pretty much hired us! We were like, wtf chick? and she was all, "I wanna suck and fuck all 5 of you!" but there was only 2 of us! We were like, "shit ya bitch, get your broke ass in the van and let's have us some fun!". Needless to say, some fun ass shit happened shortly after!

Format: MPEG
Duration: 43:09
Video: 720x400, MPEG-1
Audio: 218kbps

File size: 725.4 MB