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In The Cheerleaders of Perilous U. rich college co-ed cheerleader Vikki (Penelope Pace) hires psycho nerd Ernie (Bryan Dunhill) to secretly take Tiffany (Chandra Sweet), her arch rival for captain of the cheerleading squad to prevent her from making it to the tryouts. Now, after Tiffany has suffered countless indignities at the ruthless hands of Ernie during her captivity at an abandoned factory, Vikki decides to renege on the money she promised to pay Ernie to carry out her dastardly plans. Enraged, Ernie releases Tiffany and together they decide to settle the score with Vikki. Spiriting away Vikki as she prepares for the tryouts, Tiffany and Ernie will hold their own tryouts for the hot little blonde, but in this competition they will see how much terror she can take, not how high she can kick. Back at the abandoned factory, Vikki is bound, gagged, shocked, flogged and beaten by the demented duo until her once pristine body is a rope burned mass of welts and bruises. The once proud beauty learns what it's like to be on the receiving end of her own cruel scheme. This is the culmination to the ultimate "cheerleader in bondage" series, Vikki Foxx is incredibly intense action as only they can deliver! Don't miss it!

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