Carissa is caught snooping around in a large industrial building in the wrong part of town and finds herself bound. A man lifts her into a chair as she protests. She keeps saying that her car broke down outside and she was looking for help. To the man that captured her though, it looks like she was sneaking around trying to steal from him. After all, that's always been the case in the past. Carissa thinks because she is a well to do woman that she shouldn't be subjugated to this kind of treatment, but the man doesn't judge by looks or appearance. He ties her to the chair and shoves a big red ballgag in her mouth to keep her still and to keep her quiet until he can figure out what is going on. He leaves her for a while. When he returns he removes the ball gag and asks her a few more questions. She starts to get agitated and load again, so she is regagged. This time, Carissa is cleave gagged with an Ace bandage. Shortly after he adds several wraps of black tape on top to make the gag tighter and to give Carissa a few more chins. The man leaves poor Carissa for quite a long time. She jiggles her legs

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