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    10 May 2016

    BBW Service With A Smile

    Release Year: 2016
    Genres: ?????????

    Why this XL Girls diner has only one customer is beyond us. It should be packed with guys. Not to have pies and milkshakes but to drool over the waitress who is none other than beautiful blonde babydoll Suzumi Wilder. Suzumi's one customer actually complains about her uniform. That's a first! The zipper is stuck and Suzumi can't get it up so her breast-flesh-filled bra is exposed. Fortunately, the customer can get it up. But he can't fix the zipper. The place is empty so they lock the door and Suzumi gives this dude the best damn blow job he's ever had in his life with lots of spit and deep throat action. That's a nice reward for a cranky customer. As her pretty mouth is fucked, Suzumi looks ready to gag, her pierced tongue flicking in and out

    Format: mp4
    Duration: 17:43
    Video: 720x400, AVC (H.264), 964kbps
    Audio: 139kbps

    File size: 144.4 MB

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