Known for its excellent work in the genre of erotic anime - hentai! The story, like everything else in Hentai, nezateyliv. Since there is no "yaoi" in front of us, the main characters - a boy and a girl. And as we face again did not "yaoi", then one girl at a boy will never have enough. And even more so, for three (!) Series. As a result, we have (or rather girls have) a young man named K?hey Yanase. And our protagonist (to the envy of the male part of the audience) has two charming girls Sayuki and Madoka. Rather, it is more than two, but under the term "permanent sex" get only two of them. Moreover, it is necessary first to carry out their professional duties, and the second is just ... needed. ^ _ ^ The fact that Sayuki - Battle fearsome Angel with very weak "batteries". Not so weak as in "Eve" combat mode it lacks more than 30 seconds, yet. Charging will not interfere. That's for this and there is an android Madoka, serving as machinery repairman at Sayuki. But to show that no "yaoi", so more and not "yuri"! A charging process at the main heroine is directly linked to its reproduction organs. But Sayuki - right militant angel and does not want to be charged with the help of a friend.

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