1st. Mizuho stays a little more after school to teach some students some equations, that is not all there is to it however, she also invites his boyfriend Tomohisa, Mizuho wants in reality some excitement and while giving those students some lessons she is giving Tomohisa a handjob...she even goes as far as to giving him a blowjob right there and then.
After all that hot action going on, Mizuho invites Tomohisa to her house so they can continue to have some good time together...
2nd. In the medical room Tsuchiya is groping and masturbating Kirishima...the topic of Tsuchiya's weight comes up, Kirishima says his overweight has his good points too but Tsuchiya doesn't seems to believe so and goes to ask Tomijuu sensei for a medicine to lose weight ultra fast. Kirishima and Tsuchiya decided to see each other after school for some more sex, Tsuchiya the medicine but in reality it was a powerful sex drug...some wild sex awaits Kirishima.
Meanwhile Mikura was sleeping at the medical room since she has a cold, Endo worries that she hasn't returned yet and goes to take a look at her, Mikura wakes up, hugs Endo and...time for some sex.
3rd. Prologue: Mizuho senpai will gladly help with some good masturbation at school, " I will make you feel good down there...". I cannot study: Yoshizawa-kun is helpless when it comes to studying and has no friends. One day he goes to the rooftop to jump from it, hopefully Amatsu-san was there to prevent his potential suicide... Amatsu-san decides then to give him some encouragement seeing how Yoshizawa got a hard on looking at her panties...She also decides to give him private lessons after from now on... resist his friend huge boobs and hot body?..

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