On the night of May 1, known popularly as Walpurgis Night, when the power of the dark reaches its peak, in the basement of a college group member satanic Magic Club held an ancient secret ritual sacrifices. Wanting to open the gates of hell, young witches put on Whale slaughter their And the gates of Hell really opened - by candlelight played out a terrible tragedy, which could not survive to anyone (at least, all think so).
Twelve years later a student of the same college Minase, intrigued abandoned since the utility room, Murphy discovers an old handwritten book of spells and black magic. After trying some spells, the guy convinced of their power - enough for him to write his own sap on a paper figure initials vending girls and say the magic words, how the right covered uncontrollable sexual attraction to him. Minase not resist the temptation to use their newfound power, fall in love with the most popular girl College beautiful Siroki and proudly displays his skill friends.
However, he had underestimated the corrupting influence of black magic - the temptation to have a secret power over others leads to the creation of a new Magic Club, the meeting of which translate into unbridled orgy in the spirit of the Marquis de Sade. The young man finally realizes how evil enclosed in an old book, penetrated into his soul and the souls of fellow students - twelve years later a shadow Devil again falls to the College. Is Minase be able to stop his winning streak before the Walpurgis Night?

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