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    10 Sep 2006

    [Amateur Creampies] Lorena x191

    Name: Lorena
    Age: 19
    From: California

    The Story: This was my second time that I got together with Lorena (on video, that is) and I did this video almost three months ago. I shot it and I had it deep in one of my drawers and I almost forgot I had it. I've actually fucked Lorena many times on camera but I want to upload only the the video where I was paying attention to what I was actually video taping as it's easy to get lost with Lorena. This girl is so curvy and hot, she is just damn sexy and the fact that she loves to get a good load inside her turns me on.

    On this occasion we went to the park around her house and we were taking some pictures there until people started staring, so we just left the place. Now days people see a guy with a small camera and a sexy girl and they pretty much assume it's some sort of porn video. So we came back to my place where we continued with the video.

    We were trying to shoot some content for a website so she brought different outfits and stuff, so I took a bunch of pictures of her before the video. And in one of those change of outfits, I couldn't help it anymore so I started to rub my hard dick against that nice round ass of her and I tried actually fucking her in the ass but it was hurting her too much. I then started with the video and we did what we do best. We fucked and fucked until we both came many times. And in my case, I came inside her 2 times in about 2 hours and then 1 more time a few more hours later that evening. So in all, Lorena got 3 loads from inside her juicy pussy.

    I was supposed to call her afterwards to hang out and stuff but as usual I got sidetracked and now it's been months since I talked to her. I should give her a call and see what she is up to. And maybe I'll cum again inside this babe some more.

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