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    10 Sep 2006

    [Amateur Creampies] Cyrstal Clear x201

    Name: Cyrstal Clear
    Age: 19
    From: California

    The Story: I met Crystal from Jordana James about couple of months ago. Jordana had taken some pictures with her and she told me Crystal was a total nymphet, so I called her up a few days after Jordana to talk to her about modeling, websites, etc.

    Turns out, Crystal had done a few videos and she was even on the Howard Stern show promoting her videos. So I told her the natural step was to do a website and we ended up meeting few days afterwards. When we met, she told me she had enjoyed playing with Jordana a lot and that she had told her about me as well. So we got along well from the start but I didn't do much that day because I had to drop her off at at friends place. But on or way there, we made out a bit and she gave me a "sample" of what she could do and sucked my dick for like 1 minute before going to her friends and retouching her messed up lipstick. She sucked good cock and I wanted to fuck her that same day but I had to wait.

    And after couple of missed tries afterwards, I was finally able to get a hold of her and I lost no time in picking her up and bringing her straight back to my place to do pictures. We were going to do this as a content trade for her website, but this was really more like an excuse to fuck all night and so we did. Once we got to my place, I pulled down her pants and I started to fuck her in my kitchen. She loved getting fucked hard from behind and that's pretty much what she got. But I stopped so I would not wear myself out (I don't like to give all my energy in the beginning because then I tire more easily) and we got into the whole picture taking and the video. And we fucked and fucked for a long time. I ran out of tape on the video and I got my first creampie on it. But I had her until the next day and then the next night again.

    I was supposed to meet her and a friend called Sindee but we never got around to it because I had to go on a trip. And by the time I got back, she was again hard to get a hold of. She is just one of those girls. So hopefully I will see her soon and maybe I'll fuck her and her friend at the same time as we were planning.

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    Mmmmm, how anticipation certainly has a way of heightening the pleasure.

    Can't blame anyone for the longing to give good lovin' to Crystal, I'd love to thrill her velvet pussy too.

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