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    1,505,480 Nia Nixon - Beautiful Cumplexion - 1800px - 291X (06-05-2016)

    RoundAndBrown - Nia Nixon - Beautiful Cumplexion - 1800px - 291X

    Model: Nia Nixon
    Set: Beautiful Cumplexion
    Pictures: 291 hi-res pictures
    Resolution: 1800px
    Release Date: Friday May 6, 2016

    Sweet, Shy, and Quiet is how I observed NiaNixon when I first met her. She was a tall glass of chocolate and she had a way about her. We had like what we had seen from her auditions and decided to give her a shot, her reserved ways really turned me on. While waiting for the stud we decided to ask her a few questions about her age and where she was from. She shyly and quietly told us she was a 20 year old from visiting Cali for Spring Break. She also wanted to point out she was Philippine, Panamanian, Black, and Indian! NiaNixon was exotic to the fullest, from her background to her sexy ass body to her whole attitude this was a winner! The more I got to know NiaNixon and the more I waited for this stud to arrive I got more anxious. It got to a point where I said fuck this stud and asked Nia if she'd like my cock instead. She gave me a "Hell Yea"!! and the debauchery that proceeded was pretty fucking epic!

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