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    JustTeenSite - Ira - Illecebra -68x

    Age: 19
    Hair Color: Light Brown
    Country: Russia
    Set Name: Illecebra - 3000 px.
    Date: 2007-01-06
    Photographer: Serg Kedrov


    Read on to check out our recent interview with Ira. It's hard for this girl to get away from her parents, and they don't let her have a computer in the house, but she slipped out to an Internet Cafй and gave us this sexy little chat. Enjoy!

    Q: Hey, Ira. Where are you?
    A: I'm in an Internet Cafй about 10 miles from my house. My parents don't
    let me have computer, so I have to come out to surf.

    Q: Wow, your parents don't sound very cool.
    A: No, they are not! I do not hate them or anything, but they are very
    strict. I am able to last with it only because I know I am going to be
    moving out soon. When I get a job it will be all better.

    Q: Where do you plan on getting a job?
    A: I will work as a waitress at a restaurant that my friend's family owns.

    Q: So how do you get into nude modeling?
    A: I have done it for almost a year now, and I love it. I saw an ad asking
    for girls to do it and I answered. I am not shy about it. It is my body and
    I am willing to show it if that is what the men want to see. I'm pretty
    enough, no?

    Q: O, yes! Definitely! You are one of the cutest models on the site.
    A: Thank you!

    Q: Tell us what you like to do for fun.
    A: When I can get out of the house, I love to go drinking and dancing. I
    have a boyfriend now and he has a car and that makes things easier. But my
    parents cannot know, so I have to pretend I am going out to study and then I
    meet him several blocks away. We like to party with our friends and also
    play music.

    Q: What instrument do you play?
    A: I am the singer, though I№m not very good. It is just for being fun.
    Nothing real.

    Q: So how is school going? You're studying medicine, right?
    A: It is fine. I don't like studying, though. I would rather be with my
    friends. But I will do what it takes to get out. I am looking forward to
    being a nurse but getting there is hard.

    Q: Will you stay wherever you're living?
    A: No. I live in small town in Russia, but I want to move to Moscow. That is
    where all the fun is.

    Q: Do you plan on doing any more nude modeling, or maybe live dancing?
    A: I will do more nude modeling for as long as they will take me, but I do
    not do live dancing. It is too scary for me. Having the men right there is
    strange, and even a little exciting, but that is trouble for me. I need to
    be careful. I am still young and I fall in love easy.

    Q: Well, I can tell you one thing * many of our members have fallen in love
    with you!
    A: Good! That is what I am for!

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    Pics are ripped on HD!

    I love her

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    I lick her from her toes to her nose. Fantastic post.

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    OMG!!! She is perfect.

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