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    JustTeenSite - Lena - Ostacolo - 118x

    Age: 19
    Hair Color: Light Brown
    Country: Ukraine
    Set Name: Ostacolo, 3000 px.
    Date: 2006-12-28
    Photographer: Davy Moor

    Lena is a sexy 19 year old Ukrainian model who loves posing nude. She came into the profession by being a dancer, first as a modern dancer and then as an erotic dancer, and you can tell by her body how fit she is. Sheís also got a super cute personality!

    Q: Hey, Lena.
    A: Hi.

    Q: So we hear that youíre a dancer.
    A: Yes, I have been dancing since I was little girl. Ballet, and then I moved to modern dance when I went to high school. I have also done some other kind of dancing, you know, with no clothes.

    Q: O yeah? Howís that?
    A: I really like it. There are clubs that are not so nice, but I work at a very good one, with nice boss and nice clients. That makes a big difference.

    Q: None of the guys are ever rude to you, are they?
    A: Now and then one is rude, but mostly they are polite. If they were really mean, I couldnít do it. I donít like mean people!

    Q: Well, neither do we, and you seem real sweet. Do you have lots of friends?
    A: Yes! My friends are important to me. Sometimes when I go out there is almost 20 of us. We are a posse. Many of them are my dancer friends and their boyfriends, and then there are some friends I still have from school.

    Q: What do you all like to do together?
    A: Well, of course, we go dancing in all kinds of places. Sometimes we have our own dance parties at one of our parents house (when theyíre away), or other times we go to clubs, and weíve even had big outdoor parties with a live band and stuff. It was a blast!

    Q: Do all your friends dance erotic?
    A: Just one other. Sometimes itís looked down on, but I donít care. I know what itís about Ė having fun and making money.

    Q: Do you think you look hot in your photos?
    A: Yes, I do. But Iím that hot in life, too 

    Q: O, so youíre not a humble girl?
    A: Yes, I am. Iím only joking. No girl looks as good as they do in the JTS photosÖ.well, okay, maybe some of them do, but I definitely donít.

    Q: Now youíre just being modest.
    A: Maybe 

    Q: Tell us about your love life.
    A: Thereís not much to tell. I am not dating anyone regular right now. But I am always falling in love with men I canít get.

    Q: Thereís a man you canít get?
    A: Well, you know, thereís a lot of competition out there.

    Q: Yes, but you smoke them all!
    A: Thanks!

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